Dining & Catering

Dining in Karan is always a special event – and you can experience the best of Eastern Proves heritage along with international culture in our restaurants.There are Four restaurants and Coffee Shops to choose from, serving everything from light, informal breakfasts and lunches to exceptional local and international cuisine.

  • Arrand Restaurant

    Arrand Restaurant

    Features an impressive selection of dishes from around the world, including Middle Eastern, Asian, Italian, and American, all in an open buffet that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week...


  • Arroushanah Restaurant

    Arroushanah Restaurant

    Heritage, food and the revival of old recipes is a trend at the moment and our hotel is brimming with heritage.


  • Al Barni Restaurant

    Al Barni Restaurant

    Karan hotel offering characterized Al-Barni Restaurant, Located in the main lobby of the hotel, serving a treat combining the inherited design and traditional Arab dishes of the gulf.


  • Biyallah Coffee Shop

    Biyallah Coffee Shop

    A distinguished unique local themed coffee shop offering traditional light desert and beverages, that people are keen to enjoy now a days.


  • Karan Sweets

    Karan Sweets

    Since the opening, we've been gratifying our customers' gourmet fantasies with the most delicious homemade oriental pastries.Our craftsmen choose the best of nuts, pistachios, pine kernels, and other vitamin-loaded prime ingredients to give you the finest of oriental sweets.


  • Karan Catering

    Karan Catering

    Today Karan Hotel has become a major reference for catering services and managing events of all kinds in Jubail and surrounding areas.